Homeopathic Remedies brought to the internets

[05:15] <Oelund> Forum is down?
[05:15] <@maggie> yes
[05:15] <@maggie> host is down
[05:18] <Oelund> Lets try some homeopathic stuff to get it back online.
[05:18] <Oelund> Lets try putting some treebark in the harddrive… It can’t hurt, it’s natural.
[05:20] <@maggie> that’s not homeopathy
[05:20] <@maggie> it’s herbalism
[05:21] <Oelund> you got me there.
[05:21] <@maggie> homeopathy would be putting a drop of internets in a cup of water and haking it and then a drop of that into more water and then on like that until there are no molecules of internets left
[05:21] <@maggie> *shaking
[05:21] <@maggie> and then declaring it super-strong medicine
[05:22] <@maggie> and then pouring it over the server
[05:24] <@maggie> science!
[05:24] <Oelund> what if that drop of mixture you take always happen to be 100% internet? it could happen.
[05:24] <Oelund> Changes might be a billion to one.
[05:25] <Oelund> but still, in my experience a billion to one changes crops out nine times out of ten.
[05:25] <@maggie> yes, it could happen, but the chances would be far far slimmer than a billion to one
[05:25] <@maggie> no, they crop up one time in a billion.  by definition.
[05:26] <Oelund> thats because you don’t factor in luck
[05:26] <@maggie> the chances of picking up 100% internet the first time might be a billion to one
[05:26] <@maggie> but the chances of picking up 100% internet the second time would be a billion * a billion to one
[05:27] <Oelund> no, you would be able to do it nine times in a row.
[05:27] <Oelund> see statement above
[05:28] <@maggie> statistic chances don’t change just because you’re the unluckiest fucker on the planet
[05:28] <@maggie> the stats stay the same and you just beat them all
[05:30] <Oelund> still better than playing the lottery.
[05:31] <@maggie> lol
[05:31] <@maggie> well anyway our homeopathic conversation fixed the forums
[05:32] <Oelund> thats because we watered it up with soo much bullshit that there is not a single molecules of homeopathic conversation left.