Who moved my cheese?

San Jose State University*Sigh*

I have just completed my second week of school at SJSU as a full time student and it’s been a real punch to the gut. I am taking a full load of 14 units with highlights including an Introduction to Graph Theory where my instructor wears latex gloves while he works on the white board, regurgitating the prepackaged notes to us, and a hardware programming class where I am going to be learning to code in VHDL and my instructor pages through prepackaged notes he has printed to transparency pages on his personal overhead projector (poetic indeed).

These classes are the maze and my cheese is getting the fuck through it. I don’t think any of my classes are too difficult or asking too much of me, but I recognize that I will be pushing myself pretty hard to be able to balance that with the other over bearing monster in the closet – Science 90t.

This class is kind of a hassle, and I’ll explain why…

1. The class is called Success as a Transfer Student, but the focus is more on making sure I have a kind person holding my hand through this semester. The guidance they will provide is still yet to be realized, but I have a total of 4 and a half hours a week that I will be spending with an advisor of one kind or another.

2. Our first assignment is to read a book called Who Moved My Cheese, a light hearted journey into a maze where some dudes have to find cheese. The book is short and overstates the concepts that Agile thinking has overstated already. Save yourself the buy and get a book that is actually going to be insightful, like Pragmatic Thinking and Learning which is an all around better book.

3. The times this class meets are… Fridays 0830 for 2 hours, Mondays 1100 for 30 minutes and again at 1700 hours for 2 hours. This is far from convenient and even more it’s silly. I don’t even get to spend that much time with my Hardware Programming instructor.

4. We were required to spend $28 on a reader, and we are also required to purchase a HUGE wall calendar for this class. The reader is 65 pages of large font reading material and then 60 pages of 10 point to do lists. We are, undoubtedly, going to be required to use this 8×10 day planner and turn in work from it, but god damn this is ten years into when I was supposed to be getting a hover board. Why aren’t we able to use some of the electronics that many of us in the Computer Science dept. are actually developing?

5. Messages are only sent to me via My.SJSU, which due to whatever, probably security, reasons refuses to send me the contents OF the message, only notifies me that the message has arrived. This would be great if they were using the message system for important things, only… but unfortunately they are using this method to reach me regarding ice cream parties and letting me know when welcoming parties are going to be. Who would have thought…

Overall things are going well. I have other issues with SJSU, the campus, instructors and the depth of academic rigor that I’ve been expected to meet, most of which have been below my expected standards, but my complaints are unnecessary to be logged here.

I am happy I have things to discuss on my blog again, suffice to say that I am happy again, and I hope you are as well.

  • hi gneu, hi Bob

    miss your enthusiasm and humor for things most people find utterly mundane, glad to know it’s not hard to find 😉