911 truth finally found! 9 years later

Software developers are amazing people. They are bound to the hazardous world of problem solving and solution providing for the rest of their lives. They are slaves to the travesty that is a failed implementation or an uncovered show-stopper bug, as well as the pain of being the one to report it to their higher up.

It can be quite devastating when a problem is unable to be skirted. I am dealing with one such issue currently. I have been overseeing a project at Broadcom that revolves around an automated test script that navigates, processes and uploads to a series of web sites / pages. There is a problem that cropped up, quite early on actually, where buttons were not being clicked when the window was not active.

My manager and I walked through a number of possible solutions, and continue to, but we have no real solution in hand. It is quite unfortunate and weighs heavy on my head because i still have to run the tests and i cant hand it off to the people who need the results. I hate testing, i love automating them and having results. There is a difference.

Above you should see a title regarding 911 Truth.

I saw it in the bottom left hand corner of a whiteboard, strategically placed so you had to wonder what the hell it was before comprehending it. It was in my cube row, which means it was out of the way and either a spam comment, or from one of my cube neighbors which is even more frustrating. To think that someone else on this planet was so overcome with grief about 911 that they had to share their new found website with the rest of us.

This is an example of an engineer on the prowl for a solution to a problem that isn’t a problem.

These are often more devastating than real problems because no matter who you go to all you can get is a raised eyebrow. In much the same way that other conspiracy theories lead people to being labeled crack pots or ridiculous, we can all only sit and wait, hoping for an acceptable label to be applied to these people who don’t have enough on their plate and instead fall into posting on their blogs, forums, wikis and presenting to groups of like minded sheep who share nothing but paranoid delusions about our government’s capabilities… We can only wait.