Fraudulent Psychic?

I have an intense dislike for psychics. It is not a professional criticism. I am convinced from the 12 psychics I’ve been read by and the complete lack of documented testing of psychic anything that it is a bullshit claim, but that isn’t how Michael J. Hallowell feels.

How do you work out who’s fraudulent?


[When] you get into something that is so subjective, like the paranormal, psychic phenomenon and all this stuff, I don’t understand how you can legislate. I mean, who’s the person who actually says ‘well, they’re genuine and they’re not; that was a real reading and that was a fraudulent reading.’ Right? It’s so subjective. I just don’t see how you can do it. I think we need to maybe educate people to watch out for fraudulent psychics, we want them to be wary, but introducing legislation – no. I don’t know, I’m just not too comfortable with it.


Well then someone has to decide whether they were conned out of their money or not. Right? Then you’re into this subjective warm and fuzzy sort of area. Who actually works that out? If you leave it to the consumer, and they say ‘well I believe I was conned, I believe that was a fraudulent reading,’ okay… how do you prove it was? It’s just their understanding, it’s their opinion.

Michael J. Hallowell 2009-07-05 – Righteous Indignation – Episode 6

in the same discussion this man not only says that you should educate people about fraudulent psychics, admitting that they exist, but also suggests that it is impossible to objectively say that someone is full of shit regarding psychic claims. This is a position that I cannot wrap my mind around because of how many things are wrong with it. To begin with if you are making a psychic claim about the universe or the items therein, that claim can be tested and if that claim is not shown to be correct or at least supported by some form of datum. Unfortunately the requirements for proving fraud are not on our side here…

To sustain a claim of fraud, insurer was required to plead and prove each of the nine elements of fraud:

  1. a representation;
  2. falsity of the representation;
  3. materiality of the representation;
  4. speaker’s knowledge of the falsity of the representation;
  5. the speaker’s intent it should be relied upon;
  6. the hearer’s ignorance of the falsity of the representation;
  7. the hearer’s reliance on the representation;
  8. the hearer’s right to rely on the representation; and
  9. the hearer’s consequent and proximate injury caused by reliance on the representation – captured 2010-09-29

Our primary issue is the reliance aspect, according to my law professor psychic readings don’t pass the Reasonable reliance test and fail 5 and 7 of these items. Beyond this, 4 is failed because most psychics don’t realize they are full of shit. Given that i had enough drive to do it, i could probably highlight every letter in this post with a video, news post or blog post about psychics being shown to be wrong, and even if i reached out i doubt i could find anything worth a shit to support psychic anything.

Put simply, psychics take advantage of public ignorance, taking peoples money and giving them nothing. They are a route to find some positive and firm direction in a world without direction. Waking up each morning and conducting ourselves in a positive manner is not easy, but it is something we all have to do.