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My name is Terry Moenkhaus AKA “Monk”. I’ve been friends with Bob for several years now, and I’ve finally asked if I could start posting on the GNEU blog. I first met him I believe on hl2coding.com. We started talking a lot as we both learned the SDK, and I learned game programming. We worked on a few projects together.

I just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, and hopefully continue posting interesting things for everyone to read. The first thing I will be posting on is a Startcraft Broodwar AI.

I have always wanted to learn AI coding/design, and have been looking for a fun, simple, yet powerful way to do this. Recently I found the BWAPI. 🙂 And I was sold. Thanks to BWAPI I can code an AI in an existing, fun, and popular game.

Recently, I brought up BWAPI while talking to Bob, and we decided to have a small “Battle of Wits” if you will. We have both started on our bots; well I have, it seems Bob is having too much fun playing with the UDK. 😛

And so it has begun. 🙂

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