On the other hand…

The academic process is always going to feel like it is beyond me. No matter how well I think I know a subject, skill or how much time I spend in school I will, likely, always find it a challenge to manage my time appropriately. This semester I am taking classes that are diametrically opposed to each other, relating the time and work load spectrum.

My data structures Class spends the first 4 weeks dealing with limits, integrations, Taylor expansions, asymptotic bounding of functions and how to figure out the running time of a recursive function. My Physics class spends the first four weeks introducing the concepts of Vectors, Force, Acceleration and Displacement. My Jazz class, on the other hand, simply introduces us to the concept of busy work. He may as well just give us the A, because he gives us the answers to all of the work we have in that class, explicitly.

I wont say I am struggling, so much as I’m just frustrated at the needs of my courses and how I have to go from a level of attention that is comparable to being in the middle of developing China’s new railway scheduling application, to the mind numbing stare into a television or dictation of my instructors words, which I do not because I need the information but rather to stay awake.

I certainly have a lot to learn about the academic processes, but I hope that when I finally get a group of students in a classroom ill be able to organize myself and give them a metered dose. Hopefully that way we will have fewer idiots in the world.