Christ’s Blood

And without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.

John Hagee

A different level of disgust and revolt washes over me when I listen to these lunatics. Preachers who take pride in ravaging the principles of humanity, removing all true value from being human and alive, in an effort to shit down our throats and “save us from sin.”

How disgusting it must be to be a Christian in these end times. We have to deal with frauds allowing families to ruin their, and their children’s, lives over lies about the end of the world; idiots trying to get us to give up all of our “earthly” goods on street corners and well, its all really self defeating.

Think about the religious person looking to God for her grace, only to be old by preacher, after preacher, after preacher, that they are not trying hard enough to accept the lord into their heart. What about those of us who are looking for answers, in a completely benign and open fashion… we are told to look harder. This is a lie that is perpetrated on us, and it is one that must stop. These disgusting preachers jam this bullshit down the throats of our brethren, in an effort to cause them to form together, to help them blockade the simple questions we ask.

The disgust that I feel when I hear one of these preachers speak is only a drop in the bucket, and doubly so when you look across the ocean of blood that has been shed, not in the remission of sin, but in the committing there of.

  • mgw

    I used to rag on you for this kind of stuff, but I think I understand it now – even if I wouldn’t call it the same thing or focus on that particular group of people.

    I guess you start out in the world with something you care about, and then someone tells you it can’t happen. Rather than just continue searching for that thing we want to find, it’s often easier to erect sky-high walls of defense against getting our dreams crushed again.

    With 6 billion people and climbing and all 6 billion of those people multiplied by the ideas they have being shared on the internet and then promulgated through every form of media… it’s daunting to safeguard a belief. It doesn’t matter if the belief is rational – some asshole will come along and tell you that superstition more aptly explains the idea. Rationalism becomes just another perspective in lieu of the social sphere, and you argue it just as you would any other perspective. That is, not everyone cares about having a sound or cogent argument either.

    Can you tell how much I love you yet? God knows I love those the most that hurt me the most and crushed my dreams the most. See? I give you power, just like you give power to the religious freaks of the world by writing about them so frequently. God damn, this must be the 5th time I’ve posted love to your blog. God knows there’s someone giving me love right now that I don’t recognize – and thus the world turns ’round.

    Cheers Bob-ble head