UnElectable GOP

I just finished watching the Sept. 12th GOP debate and I have to say that our political system has reached a new low. If this is the very best that the Republican party has to offer, I can only believe that they are trying to ruin their party. Watching them as they refuse to provide even the most superficial support for our current president, continue to strong arm the political system that they have not actually taken part in since 1947 when they were first elected into office and spout off about their fundamentalist views of how Gov’t has to be fixed… its all quite disappointing.

Listening to the debate again, I am going to share some of the highlights for those who prefer punditry to actual words of the politicians.

Gov. Rick Perry is about as close to reasonable as any candidate up there, and yet… he is still unelectable. His focus is on our need to “get back to the constitution,” dividing the country up into states that are individually running themselves and focusing on sound byte phrases like “Scaring seniors” and his repetition of being against “ObamaCare” gets really old. The only thing that he said which happen to be a positive claim that I can get behind is the futility of building a fence between the U.S. and Mexico. Ex Gov. Huntsman had differing views:

Well, first of all, let me say for Rick to say that you can’t secure the border I think is pretty much a treasonous comment.

Michelle Bachmann is a complete joke. This woman shouldn’t be elected to lead a parade. “President Obama Stole over 500 billion dollars out of medicare […]” This is coming from a woman who is unable to understand the separation of church and state, cannot keep her private life to herself and continues to rant about her own vaccine horror stories coming from unnamed people meeting her at unreferenced times. She has absolutely no merit to be considered a candidate and should apologize to all of us for her idiotic bullshit.

Newt Gingrich has a stupid statement, his only real statement in the whole debate:

I’m not particularly worried about Gov. Perry and Gov. Romney frightening the american people, when President Obama scares them every single day.

Fuck you very much sir, I hope your colon falls out and you trip over it into a concrete coffin. This rhetoric is not only unacceptable and demeaning of our gov’t it brings up a problem that I found come up throughout the debate.

Treason is defined as the offense of acting to overthrow one’s gov’t or to harm or kill its sovereign. The term was thrown around a number of times during this idiotic charade of a debate, occasionally accompanied by smiles and boos, and applied to each of the people up there. The problem is that they didn’t look up this term before using it. How on earth is accepting that the U.S. and its foreign policy played a role in the 9/11 attacks and pointing out the need for us to stop going abroad to exercise our killing abilities by magnitudes more treasonous? Ron Paul was called treasonous for not simply asserting that America is without blame and pristine.

All of these candidates demonstrate a complete disconnect from reality and seem to bask in the glow of their own idiotic and unfounded statements. Bachmann said “I would bring a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights, and that’s it.” I am actually pretty sure that they have copies of them already in the building, and that considering the time he spent at Harvard, Obama is well versed in all of those documents. Considering how ridiculous her views on the separation of church and state, clearly Obama understands them better than she does.

The token black republican, Herman Cain, deservers the award for the most ironic statement of the evening “I would bring a sense of humor to the White House, because America’s too uptight.” This is of course coming from a guy running against an entire squad worth of fundamentalist Christians who have nothing better to do with their time serving than to do everything in their power to bar men and women from being married to a person of their same gender.

Rick Santorum, classical nitwit and douche bag of the year, passed this shitty statement into the air, without even batting an eyelash, “Some people say that Barack Obama’s economy is a disaster. My feeling is it would have to make a dramatic improvement just to be a disaster.” There is little to nothing shown by any of the candidates in regards to understanding what their role will be as president, and they are absolutely deluding themselves if they think that the economy, job issues and so forth are directly tied to any one president, especially if things tank just as he steps into office. The president does not control tax rates, does not have any influence over the economy, or passing legislation (save the executive order I suppose) without handing off a bill to congress. Considering how many of these guys have served in the senate you would think that they would have already written up and submitted and passed the bills they need to get these stupid things they are saying into action, but no, they prefer stonewalling and complaining.

In all, this debate was an absolute travesty and I will be waiting for the candidates to actually address an issue that matters, and not just chalk up all faults to Obama, demean each other and or fail to answer any question they were asked in a clear way.

There is another debate around the corner, maybe they will actually talk about something valid this time.

  • mgw

    I think every election is a new low. It’s kinda the point. They elevate the crazy people and keep the level-headed one’s out. It’s an equation, really.

    I truly think the GOP has a valid stage to run on this round, and it’s sorta ridiculous that nothing reasonable is being discussed.

    Oh, I also think that the politicians are just a reflection of the society. Politicians are hardly people, dude. They just echo what other people say. The unhealth amongst politicians is much more an indication of the average joe being in *big* trouble.

  • I think you are correct, regarding the politicians reflecting the vocal majority, but they are far from representative of the population. I was only commenting on the difficulty i have with accepting the republican vision. If Ron Paul is the most sane candidate the GOP could bring forward… their stage is definitely more disappointing than anything going on with the alternatives.

    I may even go green.

    This shit is ridiculous.

  • mgw

    You also have to consider what happens to candidates at that level as well. For instance, I liked Perry long before he became the front-runner. Notice also how he entered in late and got launched to the spotlight. Politics is very complicated.

    At any rate, Perry was the guy that said long before the GOP candidates took the stage, “we need to return rights to the states, and I’m proud of being the governer of Tx. I would not run for president because that would contradict my position against the federal govt.”

    He said something like that. Of course he went back on it. Who knows who makes those kinds of calls in the night…