Let’s Redefine the Debate

I really enjoy discussing issues, the more controversial the better, and in light of recent events I think we need to reapproach, and redefine, the debate about the peacefulness of Islam, Judaism and Christianity as well as the reality of the conflict within the middle east.

Although I do hope my discourse wont lead to another U.S. Embassy being attacked, blown up or burned down, I hope that this post will get enough traction to be shared. I think this conflict is a great place to start highlighting my new found appreciation and growing disgust towards the middle east.

For those living under Curiosity’s left front wheel, a firestorm has erupted in the middle east – three countries have had their U.S. landmarks attacked, defiled and or set fire to – but what is this outrage tied to? Muhammad, the unable-to-be-drawn prophet of Islam, has been depicted in a movie as a fool, against green screen imagery of deserts with acting only rivaled by porn circa 1980. Hell, don’t take my fucking word for it, by any means, you can watch the trailer for this ridiculous movie here:

In between the bad voice overs and editing, Jell-o sliding down swords, some pedophile references, white guys in dark face and the utterly fucked concept, a fractally horrible story has been turned upside down. Well to be honest… its not necessarily even turned sideways. Let’s face it, there are aspects of Muhammad’s life that Chris Hanson, Fox News and even parts of 4Chan would turn their noses up at.

Regardless, The guy who is behind this film apparently started translating the trailer into Arabic and its distribution has been, like a match to the dry kindling of the middle east, a catalyst to get some really stupid people to do some impossibly stupid things.

If the movie is anything like the trailer would have us think, it is completely unworthy of such a response, and now that I watch this stupid trailer again I am only more disappointed in the violence.

There are rumors that religious groups were just waiting for the opportunity to push these lemmings off the cliff, the guy behind the movie is in hiding and the actors are all pissed that their voices were dubbed over for such a flick, but come on… If I were an actor in this film I would be more worried about people seeing my acting.

Islam has had more than its fair share of hissy fits over people having counter positions, and to be fair, in my eyes a religion should have at most 0 hissy fits that turn violent hurting anyone and or burning down buildings. And rightly so, when protests (of any religion or mindset) turn violent it is more and more commonplace to see that people are revolted. In the context of the recent embassy attacks I think it is going to be pretty hard to divorce the fact that people in the midst of such violence are also amazed and disappointed in the outcomes.

But lets get something straight – one man, a few actors, a camera man and a green screen in no way shape or form represent the views of all of the United States! I doubt very highly that a few hundred people in Yemen attacking an embassy means that all of Yemen, the middle east or the contents of the African/Asian continents, or hell the entire world agrees with their view. But regardless, we are now down three embassies in the middle east.

A year or so ago, my wifey and I spent some time looking at documentaries regarding MS-13, Bloods and Crips and a number of ridiculous articles on gang life or underworld antics. The funny thing is, most of the people coming out of this lifestyle admitted something amazing – they turned to gang life because they found family there, and I’m pretty sure that you can do the same in the middle east.

This movie was a reason provided to drive a downtrodden people over a ledge. By no means are they exempt from my criticism, anger, frustration or disappointment, nor yours I’m sure, but they are outraged in their own way. My suggestion is simply to address this later issue – poverty, contradictory religious positions, a lack of education and a still worth of other issues – this is more than just a religious issue, and likely has always been.