I miss my debugger

A long time ago, in a land far, far, away, my sister brought a little boy into the world. That day was magical for us all, but as time went on, she and my other sister brought more of these things into the world – kind of like gremlins replicate with water only with more understanding of the English language and a healthy right hook – I realized that I don’t get along with children any more.

Today my other sister is fighting through this same battle, and I am oddly more enthusiastic about the possibility of bringing my own heathen/infidel into the world. I am sure that my new niece is going to be just as amazing and warm-blooded as I know her parents deserve, I am only looking forward to the first night I get to babysit and get the opportunity to hand her a huge candy bar, having her argue with me and convince me to change my mind, and bring her to the conclusion that uncle Trey is the one she really loves.

All of this changes within 72 hours.

And some of the above was a joke.

Take a shot, here is to expanding the family.