Because he is black

As a human being I think I represent a certain demographic pretty fucking well. The list of things that I don’t do that are stereotypically associated with the acts of an African-American of his twenties is so lengthy that I have trouble getting along with people because I am “white washed”. I don’t tend to splatter racial nonsense on my blog, but it occurred to me about a week ago, when I filled out my mail in ballot, that Barack is a black man.

There is an odd feeling of inadequacy conveyed to any person of color who happens to vote for President Obama, because whatever their understanding of him, his politics, track record or his tendency to want to fight for the underdog and down trodden… they vote for Obama because he is black.

In the climate of the previous president it was considered treasonous to question his taking us to war(s), WMDs or his horrible grasp of the English language, but with Obama it is extremely difficult to put a finger on the elements within his administration that have not run into tremendous amounts of feverish rebuking.

If it isn’t having to be addressed as Hussein or the persistence of the birther’s it is running into a congressional branch who refuses to hear him out or concede any grounds before even getting to the meat of his position, goals or ambitious intentions. If it weren’t for the fact that he continues to grow grey hair and crease up his face I would be completely in the dark about the effects this has on him. Yet, he holds together and pushes on.

From the point that Obama won his first primary the tea party has been adamant about election reform, political reform, tax reform and a slew of other elements being reformed of course, so why was it such a travesty only 8 years ago when the Al Gore election was trumped. Figure heads like Donald Trump appear to be fueling the fire, insisting on more drama and bullshit to be drummed up, pounding stupid shit into the people of this nation. Where was this uproar just a handful of years ago?

Only in America can a candidate for presidential office make the long trek from food stamps and poverty to the most ridiculous race in the history of man kind

Only in America can his opponent be schooled in two of the three debates, continue to lie about his positions and have a VP candidate who believes that in cases of “Legitimate Rape” the female body has methods of terminating the pregnancy thus abortion is not viable in any of these situations, and still be able to pull in fifty million votes against a sitting president.

Only in this fine country can we be more interested in swing states, where clearly uninformed and uninterested parties are the ones who make or break an election.

Only in this beautiful place can California miss out on Marijuana AND the ability for two men to get married.

Only within the republican/tea party mindset is it acceptable to run a country into the ground for 8 years only to be pissed off and call for a revolution when your party neglects a “voting block” and an election by choosing the wrong candidate to run against a sitting president.

I guess when I bring everything into perspective its pretty great to be an American.

it is also pretty fucking sad.

Congratulations on four more years President Obama, I hope this time through you find yourself in the company of a few more friends. Lets hope that the next four years are more progressive.

I know, lets socialize something =)