I Don’t Care

Yesterday I was involved in a discussion of monumental proportions. Alex Jones has gone on CNN to yell, scream and threaten the world, but primarily those of us with a reasonable understanding of what the second amendment actually guarantees, “1776 will commence again, if you try to take our firearms.”

Alex Jones perfectly reasonable position on Gun Rights.

Alex is right! The second amendment does absolutely say “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed,” and since the constitution is absolutely clear in its explanation of what an arm is and who a regulated militia…

Well, actually it isn’t. Sure it was written in a time when muskets and bayonets were common place and our technological innovation has created weapons that fire somewhere in the vicinity of a million rounds a second, which can be compared to the round every 10-15s for a musket… clearly our fore fathers wouldn’t be horrified at the need for such intense amounts of killing and destruction…

For all intents and purposes everyone was a part of the militia, well… except slaves (read black people) and or women (because really, who care about those things) because we don’t want everyone to be able to defend our country from tyranny, only the men… white men.

Clearly there is a problem here. The constitution, as with any other document written in another time, is not a great predictor of the needs, wants and process needed to attain a given goal in the present time. The members of each class of people (including militia) have been modified until at this point in the gun rights lobby it is more important for every member of the NRA to be able to own an AR-15 ballpup with a 10x scope and bipod attachment than it is for our population to be able to feel safe sending our children to school. Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe that guns are the only reason for these deaths, but while a magical floating gun didn’t walk into taft high school and discharge itself the guy in Connecticut didn’t go in with his fingers shaped as guns and chop the shit out of all of his victims. This is not so simple a case.

But anyways, yesterdays conversation started with some “Alex Jones is a nut” and quickly turned into a discussion about the CIA and their role in overthrowing the gov’ts of the world… and I realized that I don’t care.

I don’t care, not because I think the CIA is amazing and only spreading love and pixie dust across the planet, not because I think that the claims about the CIA are unfounded or overly dramatized, although some are both of these things. I don’t care because the people who care about these things tend towards overly dramatized interpretations of the role and intentions that gov’t agencies hold, and it makes for really boring stories about espionage over decades by multiple high tiered agents to become silly and unnecessarily lame.

What it really comes down to is… if you are in a camp of belief that suggests the gov’t that has been voted into position (because you do vote of course) really has such negative and strong ability to keep secrets and impose its will on so many people/nations you are probably in need of therapy. The gov’t I see is more inept than one world order would seem to suggest, it is more of a joke than a conspiracy to stop people from collecting rain water.

Maybe if you believe these stupid ideas you should just kind of look around you and try to piece together a more coherent view of the world. If we lived in a police state – you would expect infowars to be one of the first sites to be taken down… wouldn’t you?

Have you ever read 1984?

So heres the deal. the second amendment does not say that any Joe schmuck or shitty Sheldon must be able to own any gun they choose, it says well organized militia. I am sorry to say that in spite of a website written in HTML and some forums and video clips you are not a well organized militia, Alex Jones, and while you may think you and your vigilante forum posters are protecting or illuminating some crazy shit you found out about the world trade center bombings… you are really just an asshole with a microphone.

Keep sayign what you want and talking out of your ass. Every time you do a skeptic is born. The more the merrier.

Thanks for looking like a loon.