There’s a quiet storm

As long as I have had a blog I have struggled to ride the fine line between sharing too much and not exposing too much. On one side of the line stories are boring, lack interesting tid bits and tend to just become fodder for spam bots to agree with my message. But the other side is far more difficult to manage.

People are far more likely to respond to sensational and inane profundity, but it requires that I share my day to day in a way that causes others not to trust me. I am struggling with just such an event right now. My intelligence, experience and will power are being tested in a way that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. I am being pulled in three different directions, carried by three different ambitions, and all I’m actually managing to do is let one side down, irritate the other to the point that they are “unwilling to work with [me],” and worst of all, I am fighting a losing battle for my self-respect.

As much as I love the act of building, planning and executing amazing things I have never had to deal with such amazing politics, in the workplace, before in my life. I am only hoping that things settle down shortly so I can get to work, solve some problems and make some people’s lives a bit better.

Ultimately, we all want to have more time to spend with our friends and families at home, right?