Electrical 101 – Don’t forget your ground

I just spent a half hour uninstalling a light switch. A licensed fucking contractor felt it was more important to install the switch than to install it safely.

  1. It was installed 32″ from the shower outlet, on the same wall with nothing between them. They took the liberty to install a nice long L shaped shower curtain along that area as a strong suggestion.
  2. The light switch accepts 110V current and passes it along to a bank of lights along an adjacent wall.
  3. The switch has a ground connector that is unused – meaning no wire was attached to it at all.
  4. There was no gasket around the switch cover, instead it has 12″ of electrical tape “covering” the connectors, but not up to the wall, just along the sides of the switch.

A single trickle of water could very easily have found its way inside and caused a short. If it can short because of water it could have very easily shorted outwards, across me or my wife and through to find the ground.

As of right now, i have removed the switch, snipped and secured the wires, and sealed the wall up.

I am not fucking happy =\