I am sure that when Notch released the now infamous and world renowned Minecraft he had no idea that I was going to play it, first offs, but secondly that it would resonate within me so well after buying my first house. Sure, I’m not digging up blocks of dirt to square off a place to sleep, torches in hand, but i sure am finding the whole process of living in and maintaining a house reminiscent of times I have spent doing the same in minecraft, albeit much more expensive.

Thankfully, I have had a lot of experience in wood shop, metal shop and doing maintenance in apartments, let alone watching This Old House and it’s sister shows.

The first night, my wife and I slept on our couch, folded so we were facing each other and about 4 feet apart so our dog had enough space to sleep between us. Romantic as it may sound, it was horrible. Scurrying, scratching and squeeling in the attic, my wife huffing and puffing as she flipped and flopped to find a reasonably comfortable position to pass out for another 20 minutes before her back hurt too much to hold the position, and me staring blankly into the darkness because we didnt know how to turn on the dining room light. We have since scooted back into our bedroom, where we have our dressers and bed.

When we got in there we realized how inconvenient it was to have Ikea shelving in our closet, so we decided to pull it all out, but we needed materials and tools. Instead of a crafting table we went to home depot where we bought a number of tools, including a power driver. The power driver made short use of that shelving unit, and allowed us to install a proper dowel in its place. Brushing aside the bullshit and spare screws from the demolition earlier, I even leveled it, and put in a supporting hanger – later we will likely install a board for an above hanging shelf.

Meanwhile, the bathroom needed to be cleaned up a bit. The contractors involved in installing the shower and toilet did what they do best, gouging the previous owner, so they didn’t do a very good job cleaning things up. We walked in with a leaky toilet, weird layout and a half wall that was quite inconvenient. The toilet was tight to the floor, not rocking or anything, the connection from the wall was not weeping, so that really narrows it down. Up comes the toilet.

i scraped and wiped down the flange and toilet then replaced the wax ring. It held for a good day and a half before the same issue occured. Up comes the toilet. On the bottom are a set of feet that support it when you are shitting. Two of them were snapped off, leaving a rather unsightly edge I hadnt noticed previously, and causing the wax ring some issues sealing. I quickly checked out a second toilet that was sitting on sight, but that too was broken, crack right down the tank, stem to stern. We got a new toilet and with a new wax ring, put the bad boy together, tightened her down and have been shitting ever since without issue.

Down come doors, down comes an onning, and so on.

Spiders have set up shop in my garage, crawl space, and a few of the rooms. A quick mashing about and vacuuming cleaned that problem up, though.

This experience has done wonders to make me miss playing Minecraft, having the opportunity to customize my living space more than just where my television goes and where my bed goes. Each of the holes I have made in the walls of the space has been done with love and excitement. I just hope that as things go I will be able to take pride in having done more and more to it.

Next: Garage doors.