Sex is a trade, and its not going away

Over the span of my life I have been accused of being a porn addict, a hoarder and a few times I’ve even been told that I have to seek counseling to address my addiction. I have attempted to curb my habit, consciously choosing to peruse the many posts of /r/Javascript or getting knee deep into another project to try to head off my drive but it rarely works.

When I am interested in seeing pictures of 848s I can find them, and they are fucking freely distributed.

The truth is, I have always scoffed at those people, because I live, work and vacation on the internet – it just so happens that Porn is just another channel to watch for 15 minutes before returning to the latest video from Direwolf20 or BohemianEagle that will take up another block of my time. When a couple of clicks can take me to any fetish I am interested in experimenting in, consulting or just plain being amazed that a pair of “actors” can carry a scene … how do you ignore that.

Unfortunately we live in a really opinionated and shameful society. Slut shaming is a thing, and we all can rightly assume that a figurehead like the president of the United States probably shouldn’t be following too many porn stars on twitter. But why the hell not?

I brought the above up in a group of friends and the following were questions I ran into and had to think about for a non-trivial amount of time.

Has your position changed since having two baby girls?

Nope. I am a firm, and clearly open, supporter of the sex industry, including but not limited to Pornography, Prostitution, Sex Shops & Adult Entertainment, with the only stringent requirement being that these things be limited to consenting adults.

The sex industry has built itself up in dark alleys and behind closed doors, importing, indoctrinating and in some cases even abusing its way into the difficult to support industry that we ALL take our fair part of. It is this black market side that really sucks and has, for lack of a better phrase, ruined it for us all. In effect, this underbelly is why we can’t have nice things. Imposing silly legislation is not the correct path either.

What will you tell your children about sex?

I am not a huge fan of the stereotypical reaction of a man, where as soon as he has a daughter suddenly their sex drive is expected to shrivel up and die. I hope you can all accept this for what it is, but I have actually come to the conclusion that anything short of the full and honest truth is likely to be a bad idea. Not that Sam Harris’ book Lying has had too big of an effect on me, but truthfulness has its benefits.

My plan is to sit down with them, hopefully at the same time, and tell them about where babies come from and do my best to be as clear about it as possible. I don’t think the gory details will serve them too much good, nor will pretending that they come from storks or that an angel was involved – and here is likely the big shocker to some of you – I am not afraid of it.

We are a people of 7 Billion people, and no matter how you spin it – someone has had sex. The sooner we all come to terms with it and stop trying to hide it away the sooner we all will be able to find our fantasies fulfilled – I actually mean “many of us” and not all, because there are a shit load of pedophiles and shitty people out there that should not have such things fulfilled. Seriously – stop fucking kids.

What about legalization of the trade?

The jury may be out, but clearly there is benefit to it, socially and economically as well as improving the state of their health.

Socially, a taboo on sex workers is incredibly strong – but as Carlin so wisely pointed out… how can someone so physically attractive, who enjoys their job, is a consenting adult, suddenly be sent to jail or banned from the Las Vegas strip for doing something that all of us are doing every day as soon as money comes into the picture?

Please tell me how Remy LaCroix is deluding herself. There are a number of interviews of female porn stars that are open and willing to share more than their fake names and bewbs, spend some time googling and you may be surprised. Instead of trying to support these people in their chosen careers, we shame them. Yea, great job Tyra.

While Porn has HIV and other STD screening as a part of the day to day, prostitutes don’t play by such rules and that leads to a number of diseases burning through our population. Like it or not, married men participate in this and it means that they have the possibility of bringing that back home. I do not condone such cheating, but there is a way to improve the situation for us all – Condoms, proper sex education and getting prostitution into a state that taking care of ones self is more important than making the all mighty dollar.

Economically speaking – as of the writing of this an experiment is going on regarding another of our social taboos becoming legal and acceptable that is paying off dividends. I imagine that you can take a little bit more creative liberty and see where legalizing prostitution could lead to an economically beneficial situation.

What about molestation and slavery as an inroad?

It fucking sucks. =\

You are, however, fooling yourself if you think that it is so simple. Molestation as a child has also been rumored to turn children gay, but that is, at least at the time of this article being written, entirely bullshit. It surely confuses and may very well do damage that leads one into a situation where they don’t exactly appreciate sex in the way that our social attitudes have been molded, but who are we to decide how they are supposed to act right? Oh, right – we are society =D – Fair enough.

The truth is, I would rather you talk to a psychologist about the role of molestation in leading to the sex trade. The indentured servitude and slavery with imported women from abroad is abhorent and needs to be stopped.

Are you going to stop watching porn? Are you going to cut back?

Probably not. Although when I was younger porn played a larger role in my life than it does now, I don’t expect my appreciation for and support of the industry to dry up. As I have grown my free time has absolutely been drying up, but I still find time to at least reach out and check on some of my favorite actresses to make sure they are healthy, sane and enjoying themselves, although admittedly many have come and gone.

It still makes me happy to see that Belladonna was able to find solace in dancing and performing in other ways… that Stoya is more than just a sexual object, but also has a brilliant and insightful mind… and most of all that enjoying porn doesn’t mean that I am a terrible person, although the opposite is not necessarily true.

Abstinence only educational choices do not work. At least as far as I can see it, pretending that the industry does not exist is of equal merit.