Hawaii – Day 5/6 – To the stars and home again.

The wife and I came to an agreement on the way home when I went through the tally for our expenditure over this trip – day 5 was going to be low key. We picked up some snacks at the Safeway, a ton of gatorade and most of all – some wheat thins =)

Then we headed back to the room to watch some Dave Chappelle and try to take in all that we had done. We slept in, I took an extra long shower and laid out in the sun for a couple hours while my dearest took a hike around the area to see the environment – she enjoyed it, and so did I. Around noon we decided that we needed to get something to eat so we drove out to Lahaina to get some shaved Ice, fish and chips and spend some time just listening to the ocean lap at the coast.

The evening was not far off, and we had an interesting event set up. The only question was whether the weather would allow us to enjoy it…

We took to the streets around 530, looking at an hour long drive up the side of the volcano, towards the crater, where we would meet our amateur astronomer. Yes, we bought an astronomer(s time)! She provides the telescope and a number of interesting conversations and you give her money and some of your time. Its pretty great, in theory! The only downside is that mother nature likes to poop in the faces of would be lovers, and especially so when you are a part of humanity where some unimaginably large portion of the population still is convinced that we don’t play a role in global warming, let alone “believing” that it is a real thing.

How atrocious the weather was! it was foggy, rainy and we had to drive.

We met up with her about an hour from our hotel, and from there we drove up to 6000 feet, and the windy road took us another hour from our hotel. Way out there, up there and over that way we pulled into an overlook, parked our SUV and looked down on Maui. The skyline was pretty amazing, and it really highlights the lack of people and technology on the island.

As we were driving around, I was drawn aback by all of the license plates having an L in them, first letter, always L then some other nonsense. It was a pattern I couldn’t ignore. Our hotel staff shared with us that these are the plates put on rental cars… and they were all I could see.

Across the giant swath of darkness were two splotches of yellow lights and the veins of trafficking visitors and natives running through to their homes and hotels. The light pollution here was absolutely trivial in comparison to the ridiculous amounts we deal with at home.

It was beautiful inky blackness.

The fog had not parted yet, but the rain had let up so we sat into seats and started chatting. Within 10 minutes the woman was getting legal advice and I was being recommended for web development work and then suddenly things took a turn for the worst.

A friend of mine lost her baby at 8 1/2 months and carried it to term. She got one of those photographers that does infant pictures and she did that, to cherish her miscarried son. It was incredibly sad.

Admittedly, not exactly what I was interested in buying, but when you are sitting out in the middle of nowhere with a weird person you don’t exactly know what is going to be brought up in conversation.

For those of you who don’t know, my dearest is pregnant again and we are due in December, so we are coming up on this exact window of time. It isn’t like she isn’t paranoid about not having felt the baby move in the last few hours… but come the fuck on. Note to self – what don’t you bring up with pregnant women/couples?

We sat out there at 6000ft, in the mist and the rain, for about 2 hours before I finally got to get into my car and warm up. According to my car it had dropped down to 54 degrees. 54, from the 80 I was at 2 hours earlier. I was wearing a leather sport coat and pants, but nothing warm enough to fend off the crater weather.

We called it quits at 930 and started heading back home. Thankfully no charge if you don’t see much and we had seen exactly that much.

We managed to get a quick look at Saturn and then the moon’s cratered surface through the halo of fog that followed through all evening long. I think Jen and I were both pleasantly surprised at how well defined the rings were. I remember seeing pictures and some projections of it, but apparently our optics weren’t very good – it was quite nice.

But not worth the cold.

With wings, we fly…

It took a cool 2 and a half hours to get back to our hotel, we decided to stave off packing for the following morning and passed the fuck out. Too much in too few days for two work-a-day folks.

Shortly there after we hit the road and flew home. Overall I’d say that the trip was enjoyable, albeit a bit too bougie for my tastes. Both hotels were amazing, both provided us with more than we could ever actually take in, but we deserved the shit out of it for being able to muscle through the strain of having two children and trying to be humans at the same time.

I am not sure when we will have the time, money or energy to be able to have another trip of this caliber, but whenever it does happen it wont likely be so fun – because the monsters will likely be there with us.