Children are Terrifying

For all of you parents with what you thought was “enough to worry about.” I’d like to tell you about something I just learned about. A story was covered by one of the many podcasts I listen to – Cognitive Dissonance – that pointed to another article that completely ruined my life.

For the last 3 weeks the wife and I started bathing the babes in the tub, filling it up about 5 inches deep and sitting there with them as they soak and laugh it up while splashing us with their suds. The good news is they love it, the bad news is that its slippery. 

On no fewer than 9 occasions one of our two ridiculous children will stand up slip and come down with their whole faces under water. So far its been pretty damned hilarious, but well – leave it to the news to ruin my life…

Hours after leaving a hotel pool in Kansas City, Mo., last weekend, 2-year-old Aliycea Sanders began to choke in her sleep, and her parents just happened to be nearby to notice water coming out of her nose and mouth. Because her mom had just seen a news segment on “secondary drowning,” which can occur up to 24 hours after leaving water, she rushed her daughter to the hospital, where doctors saved her life and confirmed that she had in fact been drowning hours after leaving the pool

KCTV5 – June 23, 2014

Think about that shit for a minute – Up to 24 hours after having an issue with water and nearly drowning you can still fucking drown!? We do bed time right after fucking bath time… What the fucking fuck is that shit?

In short – children are terrifying, not because they are actual monsters or going to pop out of the dark, but because of how much is unknown that can occur that is completely beyond your reach, but within the realm of the grim reaper. Life should not be so terrible.