A year in review – 2016

2015 was a very good year for me, although not necessarily in regards to my publicly posted resolutions.

Resolution #1 – 80% of Steam Library Played, More Badges

As of the writing of this, have only improved my played games percentage from 50% to 58%. Considering how many games I have, this is not as disheartening as it appears. 8% of 536 is 43 games, and that’s pretty nuts, meaning that I played nearly a game a week, though I didn’t complete all of them and purchased a few new ones. My badge progress has been abysmal and my Steam level shows this. Clearly the social aspect of using Steam doesn’t interest me.

Resolution #2 – Release 3 games

Granting some leeway to the term Game, I missed this resolution by one. I released Flathead and Deficis in 2015, bringing in a nice couple bucks to the business, but not nearly enough to feel satisfied. The third project to be released was Derelict, but I wussed out and never released it because some competitor projects were gaining a lot of publicity. Thankfully though they failed miserably and are still garbage. maybe this year things will be better.

There is a competitor project to Flathead, one that has surpassed it in features and capability that you should all check out. I took a few days to look it over and although I don’t agree with a few of it’s design decisions its working far better than my public API and gaining a lot more attention. I recommend that if you are looking for a JS library binding for UE4, you check it out, though I am not done yet. =)

Resolution #3 – Improve my working situation

Although I am not entirely comfortable in my new position, I was absolutely able to get out of the depressing situation I was in, though im not entirely sure I’ve landed in a better situation. I have been able to improve my own skills and become a better software engineer, expand my skillset and taken on a very interesting role, but there are some caveats to all of that. Some of our clients are disappointing, confusing, and frustrating and we are in a weird limbo state between service driven and product driven.

The good news is that the future is bright and we should be able to pull off some amazing things, maybe I’ll share a few of them here when we pull them off.

Resolution #4 – Fewer Work v. Personal Life conflicts

This was an utter failure, and has caused a number of unnecessary and terrible arguments with my wife. There are definitely things I can do to improve this, but with the changing of jobs and kicking off of Gneu it’s been hard on my social life.

That said, this is the my first full work day after my christmas vacation. This december I took my first actual substantive vacation in my professional life – It was great, refreshing and tbh, I am regretting not doing it sooner.

Actually, now that I’m thinking about it,  my regret is that I didn’t get more development done… so this may not be the greatest goal for me in 2016.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back into the swing of things and take a peek through the door into 2016.