I think I was 7 when I realized the 2nd Amendment was dumb…

What’s taking you so long?

I was playing a video game, likely overwhelmingly violent and surely it was gory. I turned to a friend after losing a level for the 9000th time and said something like …

It makes no sense that they keep killing me, I have the gun, they don’t.

Contra aside, the logic just never made sense to me.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

If I turned in an essay as terribly written as this my instructor would be legally bound to send me to detention to rewrite it so it is clear, and maybe this is where that fervor comes from. There is some clearly misleading language, considering so many people want to play ignorant, but it has a very clear message – The Gov’t will not take your weapons because your freedoms are valuable. 

I don’t disagree, in fact I agree wholeheartedly. Our right to say and believe what we wish shall not be taken, except by force. The catch is, we have a duty to read things in context, and not willfully ignore what else is being said. Cherry picking quotes that are in support of your personal ambitions is the epitome of ignorant and complicates a situation that need not be so.

These people were not opposing their gov’t, and according to the amendment that is what its supposed to be used for. There is very clear language, also known as context, provided to explain why you should have your firearms. This past weekend more than 100 people were killed or injured by guns. There were police present and they bring guns everywhere. Keep in mind, two of the shootings were in the same fucking city.

Let’s be clear though, lets grant that you have all of the guns and ammo you can hold on your person, as the fine gentleman above shows us, what are you going to do to stop the gov’t from taking your rights? I couldn’t get through a level against digital dudes that were punching me when I had a pistol, how are you going to get to maintain your freedom against the masses of people with bigger, faster firing, louder and deadlier guns in our police and military.

Let’s stop lying to ourselves – we are a nation of people adrift. What we actually want of our elected officials is to represent and protect us that cannot. When all it takes is a quasi-gay terrorist-curious bipolar asshole purchasing a couple guns and go shoot up a night club for us all to be up in arms and worried about our safety, what kind of stupid fucking message does that send to ISIS? Al-Queda? So called Radical Islamists? Racists? Bigots?

What does it say to our children that we are so willing to forfeit their lives so we can pretend we would be Rambo in an active shooter situation?

What does it say to our ancestors dreams and ambitions that we have to stall out our gov’t to get it to represent the will of the people?

What does it say to an 11 year old boy that sees a parallel between smells of bullshit?

What’s taking you so long to even admit we have a problem?