I voted for Bernie, and now I have to pay for it

A week ago I cast my vote, I watched it not be tallied up, and now I am hurting. Though, not likely for the reasons you think. I went to bed Tuesday evening, hopeful and excited for the future, and I woke up a sexist misogynist cis-gendered male that “doesn’t get it” and needs to “stop being a sore loser”.

This shit must stop.

I was sick Tuesday and I got dumb ass up, sucked up my dizziness, drank some water ate some crackers, got dressed and went over to my polling place to exercise one of the most important tools a person can wield in a democracy in order to vote my head, and my heart. I dealt with it, got home and laid right back down because it was important to me that I take part in the ridiculous and disappointing game that we call politics. I proudly cast my vote for Bernie.

But why is does this make me terrible?

When the Cavs got their asses eaten out by the Warriors, are fans not entitled to be upset and disappointed? Hell, when sports teams win or lose it’s not uncommon for there to be fucking riots. Here we are in 2016 trying to find a way to convince our republican counterparts that the high temperatures measured around the globe actually matter, and the most we can do is talk shit about how sexist it is for Bernie to continue in the democratic race.

We are adults! We are the actual party of equality, fairness and equity; the party of civil rights and social welfare; the party that continues to disappoint and cannot mobilize behind an issue effectively until it is too late, like Donald Drumpf being the nominee of the Republican party. This is the tragic comedy of what it has been to be a socially liberal person for the last 20 years, though that is only my experience – it has likely been going on for much longer. I was there to watch the fall of Clinton as a philanderer, Gore lose because of judicial bias, Kerry lose because he changed his mind, and Obama win because he insisted he would bring about change and be a different kind of politician. It should be absolutely no one’s surprise that I have and continue to support Bernie Sanders, as he has been a breath of fresh air in yet another disappointing bid for the presidency.

Hillary Clinton is not the worst person in the universe, not by a large margin, but my understanding of how democracy works is that we should vote for who we think will leave our country in the best place for the next candidate, and that we should vote for the figure head for our country when they go abroad, because ultimately that is their job. Clearly, Donald is neither of those, and so I voted Democrat + Independent this year. In turn, it is the responsibility of the democratic leadership to put up a candidate that they feel is best. If the best they can muster is a career politician that has name recognition that is only rivaled by Coca-Cola or Nike and a long history in the lime light that still only gets half the vote when running against a guy most of the country had not heard of a year ago… I just can’t take that seriously.

It is perfectly fair to question Bernie’s budget and fiscal plan. Hell, go ahead and even laugh at his insistence on “free everything” as I seem to see it quoted every time I scroll to the comments section. Point to Socialism and try to argue that it is the religion of Stalin, even though it wasn’t, tell someone about how you understand democratic socialism better than they do and that it’s a nightmare or “too progressive”. Get out there and pound the ground telling people whatever you wish about his policies, but treat them like an adult. Try to keep in mind that this is a race against someone with more ambition than compassion, and a long laundry list of scary choices and political positions along with a tendency to do things that are cloak and dagger when they really don’t need to be – granting, nothing has gone on, that is.

Let’s get real – this has been a pleasant campaign, on the Democratic side. No real attack ads from either candidate, nothing personal, no talk about shit that doesn’t matter (Benghazi) let alone the things that do (Security Concerns) beyond what Bernie has seen fit to point to – her financial backing. This has been one of probably 5 presidential campaigns that I was not at all embarrassed by, on the Democratic side. In light of this, how the fuck can anyone listen to Bernie and feel like he is doing harm to Hillary when Donald single handedly, and nearly broke, has managed to dismantled the entire GOP machine – something the Democrats have not been able to make a dent in for all of my adult life. In what way can anyone expect Bernie to not talk about the issues he sees in her campaign, policies and goals and run an effective bid himself?

Oh, I see what you did there… fuck.

I don’t particularly care for your reasons in choosing whatever candidate you wished, but if your choice is for Hillary because you are tired of hearing about Bernie, I suggest you please rethink your politics.

To be sure, if Hillary cannot handle Bernie – a 900-year-old socialist civil rights activist that seems to be more like Jesus Christ is said to have been than anything else – I have no idea what the fuck she is going to do in the General against Trump.

Let’s get back to brass tacks – Hillary is not a great candidate. I am absolutely thrilled that our country can join the rest of the civilized world in having both male and female genders represented on that long wall of busts and paintings of our figureheads. I am, however pretty overwhelmed with the response that people have had to this competition.

  • I have been called Sexist for my interest in a politician that is not a serial-liar and panderer
  • I have been called a misogynist for not going out of my way to support Hillary
  • I have been told I am just a lazy grubber because I don’t think that people should be worrying about going bankrupt over health care issues
  • I have been told that I am a fool for even floating the idea that free college is a good idea
  • I have been called naïve for suggesting that money in politics needs to be better regulated
  • I have been called naïve for wanting our nation to take climate change seriously
  • I have been labeled a sore loser because I continue to support Bernie and his message no matter where it goes from here.

And none of this was from a single republican, they are obviously too fixated on Mexican-Muslim-Female judges and their conflict in epic wall building endeavors.

So now the job is on me to pull my party together? It is my responsibility to toe the line and join in the support for Hillary becoming president? I am troubled by this, as this message seems to be coming from the same people making these disappointing and superficial comments. My job is the same, and I have done that once. Now it is up to Hillary to convince me that she is worth my vote. We don’t live in a world that allows each of us to sit down with the candidate and discuss their positions, and rightly so. I am not going to commit to being a member of this club of people choosing to conduct themselves as above.

To refer back to my analogy with the Cavs from earlier: now we have to bring the teams together for the All American league games, do the fans of the Cavs – those not involved in the riots for the Cav’s losing – have to go over and support LeBron and Curry getting along? Fuck no. There was no beef to begin with, it was manufactured for drama!

In other words, stop trying to make Bernie, his supporters or those who are just generally disappointed with the choices they have to choose from, out to be horrible people. Do this, or don’t be surprised when they are not willing to play ball.

Again, we are adults, and as I said above – Donald is not fucking it.

That shouldn’t offend you.

Hillary is doing something amazing, and that doesn’t mean I have to like that she is the one to do it.