No, Unification is not an option 

16 years ago, I remember the election being contentious and hurting. I remember feeling disheartened and disappointed. I remember feeling like the world as going to be on fire. That night ended, and a new day came upon us and our leaders started the process of transition and this was the first time I heard it…

It is now time to come together and unify our people.

I remember it being repeated in 2004, my first official election to vote in, and again in 2008, when Democrats took the white house back with Obama. I heard it again in 2012 when Obama won his reelection bid. And again, I hear this lovely refrain echoing around in conversations and memes all over the web.

Naa. Fuck all that noise.

This is not the time to be talking about compliance and acceptance.

Bush and Al Gore ran against each other and Gore lost because he wasn’t a great candidate and at least Bush was interesting and had some character worth noting. Bush won again in 2004 when Kerry was unable to show himself to be worthy of the seat. Putting things into perspective, Bill Clinton was only 4 years removed (impeached) from office and he was not only socially interesting but he had energy and swagger. The next two candidates the Democrats put forward were not exactly inspiring characters.

After each election came to a close I was asked to unify behind Bush for the good of the country, and I didn’t know any better. My naive ass thought we were going to do something together and boy was I wrong. This election helped me learn that Republican Presidents would not be working towards my social, political or financial goals.

2008 brought on the rise of Barack Obama. He brought intelligence, political insight and more than anything charisma. He beat our John McCain and Mitt Romney, not because he was terribly effective, but because he had character and had some of our trust to not run our country into the ground. He did his part in organizing and getting our country the momentum it needed to get back on its feet.

The same phrase was shared, only this time it was accompanied by some of the most terrible, rude, provocative, do nothing bullshit behavior of any president ever. We asked the republicans in congress to play nice and they threw out many rules that kept things cordial in favor of doing less. They took pride in calling Obama a liar on the senate floor. They applauded at his final state of the union when he mentioned this being his final term. Obama might not have been a terribly effective president, but there was absolutely nothing he did worthy of such disdain.

We can’t have nice things.

So here we are. 2016, Donald Trump takes the White House and we are asked once again to begin the healing process. This is one I am not going to be taking part in. Bush took us to war as a response to a terrorist act that chilled us to the bone and I could ultimately understand the impulse – although never agree with the action. Obama threw our nation into socialistic fervor by taking a step towards socialized medicine, and he has paid for it with every day of his presidency.

Neither took any pride in shitting on Americans.

Neither lied through his teeth.

Neither bragged about sexual assault, or their penis size.

This was not an election that could so easily have the emotions turned off. Trump said nothing about policy, choosing instead to talk about banning Muslims. He did nothing to unite the country behind a positive goal, choosing instead to cheer and jeer about his supporters assaulting protesters. He opened his bid for presidency, not talking about uniting our country or addressing our infrastructure, but to call out Mexican immigrants being murderers and rapists.

My pledge today is to be no more supportive than the Republicans were to Obama, my president. My pledge is to look at his term in office, just as he did Obama’s birth origins – as illegitimate and forged.

I hope, very much, to find my way through this shit show.

Oh his cabinet selections were leaked? Oh really? Ben Carson AND Sarah Palin!

Education Secretary: Neurosurgeon and former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson is being discussed for this post, as is Hoover Institution fellow Williamson Evers, who also worked in the Education Department during George W. Bush’s administration.

Fuck off.

Homeland Security Secretary: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) and Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke are on the list for this position. Clarke, who is African-American, has been a forceful critic of the Black Lives Matter movement and spoke at the Republican National Convention. He also called for Trump supporters to bring out “pitchforks and torches” to fight a rigged system. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) is also a possible pick. The department includes the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency that the senator argues should ramp up its deportations.

Get the fuck out!

Interior Secretary: Forrest Lucas, a California oil executive, is considered a top contender. Venture capitalist Robert Grady and fracking mogul Harold Hamm are also being discussed, as are three women: former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R), Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R).

Mother of god.

A friend of mine told me she thought that people were overreacting, that he had been saying these things just to get elected and ultimately he would be a democrat.

Another friend of mine was telling me a few months ago that she thinks that the president is JUST a figure head and ultimately has very little power.

Lets hope that you are both correct and that this doesn’t become an I told you so election. My read on it right now is that things are just about to start, and its already got an acrid smell.