Gneu.org is a community of developers in many fields coming together in order to collaborate on projects including but not limited to development of applications, artwork, documentation, typeface or design, while devoting a lot of their energy to the needs of those that are new to the various areas. Gneu Members put their energy into tutorials, walkthroughs, discussion as well as many other means of decreasing the slope of the learning curve for those who are trying to enter into a profession or are just interested in expanding their skill set.

Members of Gneu.org do more than just kick out applications, they help others. Co-founder of Gneu.org, Bob Chatman, Is just one member of the team that puts time into this website and its affiliates. He has written more than fifty articles on the various programming languages that he has learned and is often found in classes, not always behind a desk, but often up at the black board, chalk in hand.

Enjoy your stay here, and we welcome you to come back any time.

  • doug

    do these mods work in omline game

  • Bob

    I don’t know what you mean by that. Our current project will be released at the end of the month. If you are interested we are looking for some assistance and testing assistance.

  • erico


    I’m trying to use bison and flex on visual studio 2010. Can you please post a tutorial on how did you set up yours to it?

    I’m new at programming in windows – I’ve done it only in linux in a while…