Bob Chatman

The question of who I am comes up all too often.

My credentials include being fluent in 7 languages and an understanding of about 9 others (Programming, not spoken, silly face). This list is always expanding and while I try to keep up on the latest and greatest contributions to the projects I take part in time is certainly not a kind bed fellow of a student. I have been labeled vain, egotistical and at the same time compassionate and helpful, with more occurrence of the latter. I am an able bodied writer with a very strong ability to direct my words at many differing audiences. I am comfortable with discussions of controversial topics and often find myself laughing at people for idiotic reasons. My Sense of humor is compatible with most everyone, assuming they have one as well, highlighted by the comics I have selected on the side of my site.

More importantly I am a driven person; my goals in life are going to be met. I push myself towards them steadily and have no intention of letting up. I am a reasonable person of sound mind and body – that is to say that I think before I accept – leading to a logical mind. My mind has granted me skepticism and sarcasm when applicable.

I am an atheist, tried and true. My beliefs can surely be swayed but not by personal accounts or a lack of evidence. I admire many of the people we consider academics and scientists for one reason and one reason alone – they are advancing the knowledge of humanity – and I hope to one day join them there.

Below you will find a link to my Amazon Wish list, Google Reader feed and a few other choice items. Please take a moment to give them a once (or thrice) over.

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A running list of things that I have created…


  • Bob eats corn on the cob.

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    Bob loves watermelon! 😉

  • Bob loves me.