King of the Underworld; god of the dead and the hidden wealth of the Earth. 

You are Hades, and you have to dig to uncover this wealth. Your goal – fill the needs of the people and protect yourself from the horrors that lurk just beyond view.


The game that I would like to piece together is a 2D side scrolling game themed with digging and building and protecting one’s self from baddies that try to kill you while accomplishing objectives. You play a chief excavator who has the job of filling randomized requests, which come from a finicky population trying to accomplish goals that are themed to the location. An example would be building a building, where they would need 40 pounds of dirt and 60 pounds of rock, or maybe if they are building a telescope they would need to order 100 pounds of steel and 50 pounds of Sand to be used to make the glass.

Here in the game world though the player will need to fill these orders by collecting the required goods and delivering them to the delivery station. Each delivery is worth an amount of points or money, which can be invested in tools, supplies or expanding the businesses in the city to gain further tools and or supplies.

Some of the heavier features of this game include a number of things that I will need to work on to be able to implement, but I think it will be within my capabilities for this semester:

  • Randomized Terrain Generation:
    The game will allow randomized seeds to be used to generate the environments that are played on. These worlds will be saved, loaded and or versioned on a server to share with others.
  • Virtually Endless Terrain:
    Using the terrain generation, the level will be created in chunks of what is visible, and using the seed the game will generate the chunks as the player navigates around.
  • Destructible Terrain:
    A digging tool is used to pick up and move ‘servings’ of the world. The player can scoop up dirt and other materials and put it somewhere else. Another tool to be included in the game that affects the terrain is a bomb, which is used to remove large chunk of the world.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    Multiple randomized bad guys are going to be included. I am not entirely sure how I will handle AI yet, but likely two modes, one where they will pop around doing silly things, and one where they will chase the player as long as it is within a gray zone of distance.

I am planning on building this game out in C# using XNA, and likely a port of Box2D’s physics engine.