This is comical podcast with my wife and me behind the wheel. We dissect ideas which fall apart under the scrutiny of science and reason.

Solarity – December 2012
A reboot of Project: White with UDK. A futuristic sci-fi first person shooter with a bend for team gameplay. This is a solo project of mine to get back into UDK and build out my understanding of the engine.

Past Projects

You are Hades, and you have to dig to uncover this wealth. Your goal – fill the needs of the people and protect yourself from the horrors that lurk just beyond view.

To learn XNA as a game development platform and improve my C# development skills.

Project: White
Project: White is an Unreal Development Kit Project with a single expressed purpose of building out the unique science fiction gaming universe of White. All of the game types, maps and content focus on adding detailed and intricate team interaction wherever possible. It is imperative to keep in mind that while our project is only limited by our imaginations, all of the elements of this world should be grounded in science. Our universe is different, but we are choosing to keep one foot in reality, while we reach for the stars.

Firearms: Source
Firearms: Source 2.0 is a high adrenaline immersive arcade shooter based in a modern warfare time period and around two fictional factions duking it out across a plethora of battle-torn environments. With a large variety of unique and iconic weapons, the player can load out with the arsenal of their own desire with very few restrictions. Furthermore, they can define a specific role to play in through our skill system allowing players to gain new abilities to become combat medics to a heavily equipped grunt leading the charge. The high paced action and arcade gameplay lends itself to both casual and competitive players. Our focus on unique objective and team-oriented gameplay, with the stunning and immersive visuals of our weapons and environments, make Firearms: Source a leader in the modern warfare shooter market.


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