Dreaming in code – Scott Rosenberg

[openbook booknumber=”9781400082469″ templatenumber=”2″] Developing applications is definitely not intuitive. When a group of people, as we all know, sit down with a dream or idea of what they are looking for it is often far beyond their current means, but that didn’t stop the developers of Chandler. Take part in this documentary, following the crew of Chandler around as they run into the same day to day issues that many of us face, and along the way you may find some more insight into the development process.

Rosenberg, a well known tech journalist, pokes at many well known journals and essays on topics ranging from trying to answer the question “Why can’t we build software like we do bridges?” to the concepts pointed out by another well written essay that we will run into later called the mythical man month, which details why throwing men (or women) at a software project will not hasten It’s development any.

Although there are no happy endings, there is a lot to draw out of the space between the lines in this book. Lots of insight and even more great tales that will forever live in software history.