Evolutionary Design – Daniel Cook

Game development is far from easy. Many teams come and go every year trying to attain the glory once had by the Counter-Strikes and Tetris’s of our time, only to fail miserably and fall into a spiraling depression when they run into that wall; the wall with “How are you going to pull me away from game X to play your game?” written all over it. Months of development and planning down the tubes. Try to visualize an ocean of repetition and crying developers if you are interested in what I see. Daniel Cook has written this article in order to show those willing to read it that there is more to game development than having everything planned out, and a much less stressful and more manageable route to pull it off; enter iterative design.

Daniel Cook holds your hand as he walks you through his process behind developing a simple board game and explains how that process has helped him in developing graphical computer games. His experiences will help explain the need for process over product, and the one rule that so many coders refuse to accept – interact with your users! Closet testing, Beta testing and so many other options seem to be mandatory with so many clones. The only option that many of believe they have is to just do what another person/group/studio did, but do it better.

Evolutionary Design – January 2002