Hackers & Painters – Paul Graham

[openbook booknumber=”0596006624″ templatenumber=”2″] Although I consider myself to be pretty well off, in terms of understanding code and how it works, I often get lost in figuring out API or planning out large scale applications. I have built countless complete websites and utilities like they are going out of style, but when I need to plan them out I often find myself getting wound up in the details or building data structures that are already present in the language. For those in the same position as I, looking for some insight into the minds of those who have come before us, you are in luck. Paul Graham wrote this book as a collection of essays that are strikingly similar to my own life, as I’m sure they will be to most of you.

Offering insight into everything from early school life and why he turned to computers to the never ending debate sparked by the Mythical Man Month when Graham takes the route of comparing coding to painting and offers his own twist on how to make your projects successful. No matter how you approach this book you are bound to find a million things to help you get through your next project a little happier, and possibly with more hair. Put down your mug of cocoa and pick up this book if you are at all interested in becoming a better developer.