jQuery In Action

[openbook booknumber=”1-933988-35-5″ templatenumber=”2″] A fantastic journey into the depths of what Javascript and jQuery have to offer. Bear Bibeault and Yehuda Katz are two of the more prominent figures in the jQuery and AJAX communities, and it shows. Although at times the book becomes more of a ramble it is always moving in a good direction. The only complaints I have of this book are related to the editors, not the writers. Many of the chapters feel half finished and there are many points when the authors make reference to things that you will learn to do, regardless of the fact that they are using it at that point. Otherwise the book is a great progression through the library and its features.

There is a highly informative appendix section devoted to understanding JavaScript features like object structure and syntax as well as a large section of the book which is nothing but using and configuring AJAX requests. The Library has a very strong syntax that is driven by similar syntax to what many of us are already used to with more advanced CSS formatting statements. Just wait till you see something that, initially, looks hairy only to better understand it in the successive chapters. jQuery appears to be a maturing library, providing a number of features that many will certainly find useful.