Pro Ogre 3D Programming – Gregory Junker

[openbook booknumber=”1590597109″ templatenumber=”2″] Although it is often overlooked, Reading is perhaps the best form of inheriting knowledge that is available to any one person. I have been plugging away at my latest addition to my library for the last two weeks and have found it to be oddly entangling, despite the information that is contained in it being nearly entirely on the Ogre wiki. Pro Ogre 3D Programming is a definite suggestion to anyone interested in learning to code in the ogre API/Environment, but it is far more than that. It is also a great place to learn about game development as a whole. Ogre itself has been through a number of iterations since its conception in the late 90’s and so it has a lot of information to be wafted, much of which hiding in the dark corners of its codebase that would rarely be found by anyone who had not picked up this book.

Gregory Junker opens up Ogre in a manner usually preferred by biologists and doctors, displaying much of the innards of Ogre to you in a quite educational manner. There is no chapter that goes without being chocked full of notes and great feedback that will undoubtedly be useful when I finally decide on what I am going to do with ogre, but more than that it is a great reference. Junker provides (occasionally large – pages on end) code samples that are pulled from the ogre samples/examples framework and walks you through them at a stammering pace. There were quite a few times when I felt that my brain was going to overflow, but regardless the book held its footing and kept me plugging through. I cannot stress more the impact this book has made on my understanding of ogre, but I really want to emphasize that it is definitely helping me understand far more.