Reefer Madness – Eric Schlosser

[openbook booknumber=”9780618446704″ templatenumber=”2″] I will save you the time, and just let you know that this book was a great read. Allow Schlosser, called a muckraker for his work in the fast food industry and his related book Fast Food Nation that won acclaim on many roads, to take you along a road that is often ignored. His slight of hand over the epic industries of Marijuana, Strawberry Fields and Pornography where there is not only much money to be made but also a huge precedent that exists. One allowing people to be taken advantage of; one allowing people to be given life sentences for their roles in the “drug trade”; and one where people would ruin themselves and stand up to the government instead of paying taxes.

Admittedly, the final chapter is quite long and not as well polished as the other two with details and facts – which are useful when trying to sway discussion from even being necessary. The book is amazingly detailed, covering a number of the minor topics that underlie the three, and poking holes in most all of the popular discussion topics. =)

I wrote a rather lengthy essay that is published here that you may find a fun or at least be able to pick up a direction or starting place for your own ventures.