The Cosmic Perspective – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Of all the amazing things that I have read over the years, Neil DeGrasse Tyson always leaves me in awe and full of inspiration for the future of human kind, as well as time itself. His words are insightful, and interesting, while still flavored with just a hint of down home and humble humility. In this article he writes about his perspective on the cosmos. He argues that our issues we face now are seemingly trivial in relation to what could be going on in the cosmos, supporting his thoughts with many different facets of the diamond of life that we can all relate to. If you have ever felt like you had nothing to live for or reached a point in time when you were in need of some truly motivational words from someone who didn’t claim to have something to do with god… Neil is most definitely the man for you.

The Cosmic Perspective – April 2007