the Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide

[openbook booknumber=”9780517149256″ templatenumber=”2″] Quite possibly the most iconic book of any true hackers’ library, and one that must be taken care of post haste, I loved every page of, and most chapters in, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. For those of you who have not had the pleasure in reading it or have found It’s abundance in the hacker culture to be reason not to read it, I really feel sorry for you. Your lives can still be saved and the increase in your understanding of the world will be amplified a hundred fold.

Similar to how Astronomers look to other planets in order to learn about ours, and anthropologists look to our past to learn more about humanity as a whole, This book takes you on a journey through the world, as only those not of it are able to pull off. The author, world renowned sarcastic comedian and cynic Douglas Adams, takes you through one of the most amazing journeys into the depths of space, into other dimensions and even through time. You will see how we all begin and end, and may even be able to get your hands on some interesting insight that had escaped your eyes up to this point.

There are a number of books, as this is actually a six part series, but they are all bound in a novel called the Ultimate Hitchhikers Guide, which packs quite a wallop, but it is definitely worth the read. If you are at all interested in the world, you will love how true karma comes into play in this novel.

The most important thing to keep in mind, something i finally accepted because of this book – don’t take anything in this lifetime, or any other for that matter, too seriously.

  • You just come along with me and have a good time. The Galaxy’s a fun place. You’ll need to have this fish in your ear.