Yes, But What Have You *Done*? – Jeff Atwood

Code is to me as water is to a shark; I cannot stop moving around in code or I will suffocate. I write articles, sure, but I fall quite short of being a pundit at this point in my life. I like to look at my articles and stories as documentation of features I am working on; some sort of case study in the grand scheme of development that I am involved in. I have written countless articles on countless topics and even had a couple published, so I don’t think that I’ve completely sold my soul to programming. As I implied above however, coding is where my heart is and It’s where I plan to spend the rest of my natural life. I strongly urge you all to make a choice and stick with it. Who knows where you will land, but you surely wont be standing in the same place.

Yes, But What Have You *Done*? – July 2007