Gneu Authentication

Love WordPress and its anti-Spam features? Wish you could hook that into PHPBB, MediaWiki and the like? This plugin is the first incarnation of a Single Sign-on Engine driven by WordPress.

This plug-in works by executing the appropriate functions on the respective system and creating the necessary cookies, session information and so forth to log you into the respective system when you log into WordPress.

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There are two routes, one is redirection, the other is hooking in the other system and taking advantage of all of the work that has already be done to log you in on the other system. This route is not easy though and requires a little bit of work to be able to accomplish.

Change Log

Version RC1 – Unreleased

  • Hooked in PHPBB3 login system
  • Updated User Meta data to provide a Username & Password for each system
  • Added administration menu and sub menu for each system