HL2 Mod Manager

Here is the app that most of you have been waiting for. This mod manager currently serves the purpose of simplifying the process of managing the mod; handling weapon_*.txt files, gameinfo and localization modification without having to actually remember which file does what and for what reason. It handles reading and writing of the files, formatting them as well as duplication detection.

The most important part of this application is its weapon management utilities; it includes a drag and drop collision corrector as well as the “item_flags” switches so you don’t have to worry yourself with having to learn bit manipulation.

The config.cfg file is its preferences. The auto saving is in milliseconds so please remember to multiply seconds by a thousand, but you cannot put anything less than 2 seconds.

I highly recommend that you backup your files before you use this app, mainly because I don’t want you guys to be angry if a bug is found, but i have been using it for the last two weeks on my Mods and have had no issues. I have tried this app on the stock and modified attributes with no issues, they transfer over fine; the only catch is that modifying the modified attributes is not a feature at the moment.

You need to have the .net 2.0 runtime installed in order for this app to work.

Current Version 1.0 RC3