Jump Mod UT3 Mutator

The following is a multi jump (configurable via the configuration file UTJumpMod.ini) mutator that allows you to do just that, Jump multiple times. The code is pretty simple and the current version requires ini editing to modify, but I plan to release one in the coming weeks that will allow you to modify it via mutator configuration, but I need to figure out mutator configuration in order to figure it out, and that’s not going well.

Anyways, here you go folks

Quick Note:

The string to include this mutator has changed. It is now ?mutator=JumpMod.JumpMod

Feature List:

  • Server Configurable Multi Jump Capable Mutator
  • In-Game Configuration Menu for server and local host tweaking.
  • On the fly Configuration updating with the Mutate Command as follows.
    • Mutate JumpMod SetMaxJumps n
    • Mutate JumpMod SetJumpBoost n
    • n is the integer you would like them set to. The scaling is the same as with the configuration dialog.
    • These commands are Case insensitive.

[wpdm_file id=16]
Code on SVN

Update Change Log:

  • 2.1.0
    • Reworked Networking to be more efficient by avoiding use of the global iterators
    • Added Server Load Message to confirm that installation is taking place properly instead of hoping.
  • 2.0.2
    • Small Insignificant Tweaks to code
    • Added Debug & log printing functions to speed up development and release time
  • 2.0.1
    • Added Another flag to make mutator more efficient
  • 2.0
    • Add Mutate options to mutator.
    • In your console you can now tweak the values for this mutator on the fly.
    • I also added the same error checking and reworked a bit of the code.
  • 1.5
    • Reworked the networking to avoid use of the Tick function altogether. I am quite satisfied with this one and hope you guys like this release as much as i did creating and figuring it out.
  • 1.4.1
    • A small update with some fufu changes to the config menu to make the text more readable
    • Some error checking to keep the .ini file from being abused
  • 1.4
    • =) This is the fully functional version of the mutator
    • I reworked the entire codebase for this fucker and tested it for nearly four hours on fifteen servers.
      • It works,
      • it works across rounds,
      • it works on dedicated servers,
      • it works on listen servers,
      • it works on lan games,
      • it works on local host games against the bots, although the bots dont use it… they arent cool like you and i
  • 1.3
    • Replication is currently working, i think. I spent a good four hours testing this with some of the guys in #UnrealScript and it worked.
    • Two possible bugs exist
      • One person lost their key bindings and had to reset them. Did not repeat.
      • Jump Boots
        • You no longer get the boost that they provide,although you do get the cool sound effect (initially)
        • After a round is completed however the boost returns.
        • A semi-reoccuring bug that I cannot narrow down the cause to is that the jump boots give the wearer 255 jumps randomly. This occured when I was playing before the replication as well, so I dont know if there is anything that I can do about this at this point in time, although I will gladly look into it when time permits.
    • With JumpMod itself working I have abandoned the QuadJump.
  • 1.2
    • Revised Replication again; conclusion – i have to do some extra coding tomorrow afternoon.
    • Release of explicit quad jump mutator.
  • 1.1
    • Added Replication Information to allow servers to run mutator.
  • David

    It seems like the linked .rar file is corrupted (http://blog.gneu.org/wp-content/uploads/2008/03/jumpmod.rar)

  • David

    Hasty me, I found a link you left to fileplanet. Thanks.

  • Bob

    What version of winrar do you have?

  • Bob

    The Rar was made with 7zip so there is a chance that winrar/winzip doesnt want to read it. I have, however, tested this archive before for this issue and it works fine for me.

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  • Just tried this out on UT3 v2.0 and it works like a charm. The only issue is with the colours on the in-game configuration menu. Because the all the menus in v2.0 have been re-skinned the mutators in-game configuration menu is very hard to see.

    • Bob

      I am already working on it. Ill probably release the update this coming weekend =)

      Thank you for the post. Bring me more! =)

  • Hello Bob – I recently installed UT3 2.1.0 but I’m also having issues with the colors which is very hard to see. Any update on the fix you mentioned in your last comment? Thanks!

  • The changes ran aground and i moved over to UDK soon there after. I don’t have any intention to return to work on it, but the code is around here somewhere.