Luck UT3 Mutator

Along similar lines as the revenge mutator you are now free to be awarded for your kills. You should find this mutator to be shockingly straightforward. Kill someone and your spool begins. Each consecutive kill after that is awarded. When you die your spools are unwound.

# Killed Reward for killing
2 Invisibility
3 Redeemer
4 UDamage
5 Berserk
>5 Invulnerability

All of the timed rewards are able to have their duration tweaked in the ini on a per server basis.

Feature List:

  • Reward players when they kill someone multiple consecutive times
  • Configurable Duration for timed rewards


  • Rework mutator to allow full configuration of rewards

[wpdm_file id=17]
Code on SVN

Update Change Log:

  • 1.0
    • Initial Release
    • Tested over network.