Mad Minute

When I was in elementary school we had a great task every day, before our math began where we were given a chart with numbers along the left and top, in random order, and a large white square on the top left corner. Our teacher would go up to the front of the class after handing these out and smile, toying with our soft grey matter and waiting for the first of us to ask the obvious question… What is the symbol for today?!

In a fit of joy we would all look up at the clock and saliva would pool as the clock approached the top of its rotation. The symbol would be unveiled and pencil shavings would fly. A snap would be heard on the far end of the class as a student would push far too hard on his pressed wood stick with lead in its core, and tears would stream as he realized he was not going to be able to finish today.

The clock would always slow when it got to the top of its rotation the second time and a hurried rush of blood would slam into every students arm as they would slam their answers and hopes onto this paper. Sixty seconds of craziness, 144 squares filled in, and thirty-two students were sweating (two crying as they made their ways back to their desks from having to resharpen the stubs that they dared call pencils. No stars for you. In fact, bring on the detention!). These fantastic spurts into the bowels of mathematics in third grade spanned all types and were justly termed Mad Minutes.

I bring to you, a reasonable facsimile. Enjoy.

Give random a try -> my results:
Percentage: 95% out of 64 attempted in 60 seconds

Anyone who can get 100% and more than 70 attempts in 60 seconds is up for a medal, and will get honorable mention.
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