OBJ 2 SMD Converter

Hl2 modeling is a pain in the ass. There are varying degrees of irritation to most every plugin that is out for every modeling program that I have used from maya to 3ds and so on. The main irritation is that they are just way too complex, ergo making a model come to fruition is more than a sum of its parts. In an effort to make things work, and work they do, I have taken the plugin out of the mix, and I give you my very own OBJ to SMD Converter.

The app is below, you should have no issues running it, and if you do, let me know and ill do my best to fix her up. some basic documentation is included and i also attached the source. Feel free to distribute it as you wish, i am an open source friend.

Updated Information

The reason i made this application is because all modeling programs today output their content in .obj format. You don’t need to learn their scripting language or anything of the like. Just drop it on here and poof, SMD created.

Updates – 3/27/07

Another revision of this app, enjoy. Should be a little faster now.

Current Version 1.0

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  • Hay there,

    I’ve been beating my head across my keyboard for weeks trying to figure out how to get my custom Static Props from Blender3D into Half-Life 2…

    All the scripts to make SMD files in blender (of which there are only two it seems) don’t work with the newest version of blender or are just plain broken/crap…

    I was then thinking, there has got to be a way to convert one of the expotable files that blender can make into the SMD file, and I started going up the list…

    first XSI as it’s the one that VALVe seems to be pimping the most with the Source SDK. Well that yeilded nothing or something too hard for google to find. I then went to the next…

    that was Wavefront OBJ. and I was blessed to find this site here and guess what. It worked like a dream come true!…


    Thank you so much for this program, I hope there are plans for animated Model support someday. but for now I really cannot complain as I finally have a reliable source for Custom Props and Scene Deco.

    good job!…

    ~Ninja OUT! **NINJA POOF and is GONE**

  • darkrasen

    Thx a lot i find very useful your application

  • Jenkins


    This program DOES NOT read from MTL files!

    Your model texture HAS TO BE 1 complete composite texture (Named the same as the model)
    for this program to work with textures.

    It DOES keep the UV coordinates BUT,
    as mentioned above it will turn all the different UV coordinates to 1 texture named the same as the OBJ file.

    Good example;

    Will convert properly to;


    Bad example;

    Will convert improperly to;
    Mymodel.smd (All the model UV textures will be converted to Texture1.tga)

  • SthuT

    Hello, I know this is a very ol app, but if you can, allow again the download link, its a very useful program, and it could be a very usefull program if you update.

    good job, salud

    • My apologies, I updated to a different download manager and some links are still broken because of that. I hope this is what you were looking for.

      What new features were you looking for?

  • 00Rick

    I really like these type of programs. Unfortunately, I tried to download “The OBJ 2 of SMD Converter is” on the downloads page an it opened web page with coding undecipherable to me. Is there a problem with the link?

    • 00Rick

      I do realize that you updated to a different download manager, but would really like to download this app.

      • I noticed a download being bad a few days ago, ill have to audit the plugin to find out why it wont let you download the other apps. =

        Ill hit this as soon as Work/School permit, probably this afternoon. My apologies for the inconvenience.

        • Not sure what is going on, but it has been working since i got home.

          Can you forward me your browser details?

  • Kyle Pilsworth

    I am glad software like this exists. Thanks. This will make my job so much easier. Time to let the gang know I will have no problems creating new scenery for the game.

  • hey man, for some reason it’s not working for me, when i try to open it it quickly appears and vanishes so i can’t use it, what do i have to do?

    • The process is simple…


      * Copy the application to a directory like c: for a simple solution to all you windows
      users, or if you want to be especially slick drop the application into your windows
      directory, so you able to call it at will.

      * Navigate to the directory of the application (or if you dropped it into your windows
      directory, to the directory of the obj file.)

      * type in obj2smd .obj

      you will see 2 files created, one is an SMD, properly formatted to allow you to import
      the file into hl2 or anything else that likes SMD’s, and a .qc file. This .qc is actually
      purely for aesthetics, but it does contain some information that will be of use to you.

      // This SMD [3] has been compiled using ImaTards OBJ To SMD Converter
      // Contact : Pat Glynn
      // Bob Chatman
      // Material : 3.tga
      // Total Triangles 39
      // Polygons converted to Triangles 18

      Take a look at ti when you get some time. Yes that does say polygons converted to
      triangles, and yes it does just that. I Developed an algorithm that goes through your
      polys and will triangulate any faces that you do not take care of for it. The catch is
      that this is not a very user friendly process… ie. you may get unwanted results. I
      Highly recommend that you triangulate your models. And worst case, dont leave anything
      beyond 4. the more you polys put into the model, the heavier the processor weight.

      Other than that… ill complain another time.

      #### DRAG & DROP

      * Copy the application to a directory like C: or your desktop, create a shortcut etc.
      Basically make this app as easy to access as possible. I actually have a shortcut to it
      on my 4th monitor.

      * Just drag it down to it and plop.

  • I need help. I used command prompt, and the group count and image count are not the same.