Server Advertisement UT3 Mutator

The following is a Server Advertisement mutator for UT3. As an administrator you are provided the means of displaying up to 5 messages to the users of your server. Each message is able to be sent individually or with a global interval value. The minimum interval allowed is 10 seconds, although i would highly suggest you choose to keep your intervals above 45seconds for social graces.

Quick Note:

The string to include this mutator has changed. It is now ?mutator=ServerAdverts.ServerAdverts

Feature List:

  • Server Configurable Client Notification
  • Up to twenty-five (25) Messages
  • Configurable Color, Location, Display time

Default Values:

fPosy = 0.25
iLifetime = 5.0
iFontSize = 1
cDrawColor = (B=255,G=200,R=200,A=255)

New Config Entry Format:

Advertisement=(sMessage="Welcome to a Gneu Sponsered Server!", fPosy = 0.50)
Advertisement=(sMessage="Come to for more info!")
Advertisement=(sMessage="For Assistance contact", cDrawColor=(B=255,G=0,R=0,A=255))

It is set up so you dont have to set all variables. They default to the values above, allowing you to focus on the other values. All four of the values can be changed, feel free to be as irritating or beautiful as you wish =)

[wpdm_file id=9]

Code on SVN

Update Change Log:

  • 1.7.1
    • Simply had to rebuild after 2.0 patch.
  • 1.7.0
    • Thanks to Charles for his suggestion. Its been implemented x10.
    • Now messages are able to be individually configured to allow for individual message level control.
  • 1.6.1
    • Updated Timer to display for 10 seconds instead of 4.
  • 1.6.0
    • Server Networked now
    • Tested over the network to confirm it now works.
    • Tested over single player levels for those curious to how it works/looks before you connect to the server.
  • 1.5
    • Removed Beeping
    • Moved over to center of window
    • Changed font color
    • Message duration is 10 seconds
  • 1.1
    • Rotating messages.
    • Configurable ini file includes ability to display up to 25 Messages
  • 1.0
    • Initial release of this mutator based off of my work done on the other mutators. Appears to be working, Tested over network.
  • Hi, I just wanna thank you for this great Mutator!!

  • Hi there, we have just stsrted branching out in UT3, now that we have a server running, I was wondering does this mutator also work with the latest Titan pack (2.1) ? We have our own dedicated server, we have to connect remotely to it.

    Any help would be really appreciated. πŸ™‚


  • Bob

    I can think of no reason why this mutator wouldn’t work on any version of UT3, but if you have an issue to report i can surely loop that into what is going on here.

  • Thanks for suck a fast reply! πŸ™‚

    When i get to know how to connect via vnc abit more, i can tell u abit more about the structure of it.
    I tried it locally, the server adverts, on default values, and didnt get any text on the screen. I copied the files into my doc’s, and i DID get the option tho, of choosing wich mutator. But alas, nothing came on screen the first the few min.. Hmm.. Maybe i was a bit impatient :p

    fPosy = 0.50)

    the 0.50 does that stand for the time? (00:50 seconds?)

    Im sure i was in hanging gardens for like 4 minutes and still nothing.

    We also had trouble with the game twice now. (Im not the one who did the action so i dont really know all what happened) But anyway i know the last time, we tried this RumplesRaceway with the tornado in it. And when the window of the server came up, it would just disappear again. From that point on the whole game was screwed. So now we had to reinstall the whole game, just by adding one custom map. Our admin even tried reverting back to the state it was before.. but again.. no response. And a reinstall was needed. We have no idea why this is happening, according to him, he is doing all the right actions, and the map itself shouldnt be a problem on this version, with all the good feedback.

    Ahh this getting kinda long πŸ˜› Maybe i should give him your email adres, if that is possible?He knows alot more about the server itself than I do.
    We also could hook u up with a Teamspeak account to make things easier.

  • Bob

    I will look into this when i get home, but i think your problem is going to be a setup issue, although please dont be offended if i find that i am incorrect.

  • Hello, Im a bit off topic…

    I run a Red Orchestra Darkest hour server..
    which uses UT2004 engine ..
    There are very few mutators out there for this right now.
    can this be ported over to that?
    Our mutators also use the .u .ul extentions.
    I just do not know which folders may be needed here
    they seem so different… we put ours into system folder.
    does the .u file look for folder elsewhere etc?

    Sorry if to off topic.. would understand.

  • Bob

    I have no idea about ut3 mutators working on ut2k4, but i would wager it doesnt work.

    I am doing some cleanup scripting for my mod, ill let you know how this mutator is working on the 2.1 patch in just a minute.

  • Bob

    I will have to update this one way or another, there arent any errors tossed out or anything just doesn’t display on screen.

    Ill be playing with it tonight after my class and see if i can find some positive results.

  • Bob

    Epsilon :
    fPosy = 0.50)
    the 0.50 does that stand for the time? (00:50 seconds?)

    This is the Position in the Y direction and it is a float.

  • Bob

    It is definitely the case that the serveradverts mutator is broken. The replication blocks aren’t being executed in the slightest. I am reaching out to the UTMods mailing list for more information.

    Sorry about this folks.

  • Hey Bob any updates on your mutator? I would love to get this up on my server. Like you said its not throwing any errors but is just not displaying any text.

  • Bob


    Thank you for your interest in this. I have been working on my mod a lot over the last three weeks so I haven’t been able to direct any attention to correcting the issue here.

    I have been working on networking, directly, however and i expect to have a solution as soon as school settles down. I have 2 weeks till my impossible final and will be freed of this pressure from school as soon as that is done.

  • Bob

    Great news for you all, I have completed updating this mutator. It is working again, give me a minute or two to update the download. =)

  • Hey is it my screen size or something because the advertisements are showing right over the server messages for kills and such?

    Is there a way to make it print low or higher on the screen?

  • Bob

    =) Yes there is.

    If you read the configuration file you will see that there are a number of variables for each entry, one of them being fPosy which is short for float Position Y. You can treat it as a percentage of the screen (0.00 to 1.00 being 100%) and it will move it accordingly.

  • Xumari

    Hi. I’m testing this mut on my server. I want to show a few advertisements only one time, without rotation. How can I do that?
    Another thing: The download (v. 1.7.1) hasn’t a readme file, only the ini and u file, without explanation about how to configure the mutator.

    Bugs I’ve seen:
    – If you set iFontSize on the end of the line, it doesn’t work. For example:
    Advertisement=(sMessage=”TEXT”, fPosy = 0.15, iLifetime = 15.0, iFontSize = 4) -> Will show with default fontsize.
    – It seems like only accepts config parameters in order. In different order some parameters will not work.
    – If you set iLifetime the log will show this error:
    Error: Error,ImportText (Advertisement): Missing closing parenthesis: Advertisement=(sMessage=”TEXT”, iFontSize = 4, fPosy = 0.15, iLifetime = 18.0, cDrawColor = (B=255,G=200,R=200,A=255))
    If I remove the iLifetime parameter, the log shows any error.
    – If you set only one advertisement, it will be shown only one time, but if you set two or more advertisements it will be rotating.

    – On ini file, place one zone to rotating messages, and another zone to one-show messages.
    – Same as fPosy, create fPosx to configure the X position. For example I want to place a text on the left of the screen. Now I’m using a fPosy=1.52, but I think a fPosx will be nice.

    Thanks and good job

    • Bob

      Thanks for the comment.

      I have looked into a couple of the bugs you have reported and id like to say that at least one of them is not a bug.

      – If you set iLifetime the log will show this error:
      Error: Error,ImportText (Advertisement): Missing closing parenthesis: Advertisement=(sMessage=”TEXT”, iFontSize = 4, fPosy = 0.15, iLifetime = 18.0, cDrawColor = (B=255,G=200,R=200,A=255))

      I used the prefix convention i for all Integer inputs, f for Float, s for String and c for Color. If you put an integer value into the lifetime it wont error out.

      Ill look into the others though.

      BTW, there isn’t an X parameter to be played with and i dont think that there are many uses for one time messages, my code is open source and you can freely modify it as you see fit.

  • Xumari

    Hi Bob
    Well, my intention is to show some wellcome messages like “Wellcome to my server” and “FAIR PLAY!” for example, and I want to show it only one time on every map, without rotation, and by now I can’t do that. I don’t know how to edit the source, but I will try.
    Anyway thanks πŸ˜‰

  • Xumari

    The link “Code on SVN” is broken πŸ™

    • Bob

      Yes, ill have my new SVN working with the code shortly If you need access please shoot me an email and ill put a rush on it.

      Sorry about that =

  • Torin

    Both the binary and source links appear to be broken πŸ™

    • Sorry for that, its been updated, please confirm.