UnrealScript 3 Highlighting

Programmers Notepad

Since Context is lagging behind schedule, ive moved over to Programmers Notepad 2. This is the scheme in its current state, recognizing most of the key elements that you will find useful. If there are any issues with it or feature requests ill look into them. Feel free to share some love =)

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In celebration of the new context update that’s in the works i decided to spend some time learning their highlighting XML language and well… voilà…

[wpdm_file id=14]

  • sindney

    Hi, it sounds cool, but i can’t get the right link to those files.

  • Sorry about that, the context highlighter is there now. Please give it a go. If you would like the Programmers Notepad 2 coloring i should have that around here somewhere as well, just let me know when you get a chance.