No, Unification is not an option 

16 years ago, I remember the election being contentious and hurting. I remember feeling disheartened and disappointed. I remember feeling like the world as going to be on fire. That night ended, and a new day came upon us and our leaders started the process of transition and this was the first time I heard it…

It is now time to come together and unify our people.

I remember it being repeated in 2004, my first official election to vote in, and again in 2008, when Democrats took the white house back with Obama. I heard it again in 2012 when Obama won his reelection bid. And again, I hear this lovely refrain echoing around in conversations and memes all over the web.

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Because he is black

As a human being I think I represent a certain demographic pretty fucking well. The list of things that I don’t do that are stereotypically associated with the acts of an African-American of his twenties is so lengthy that I have trouble getting along with people because I am “white washed”. I don’t tend to splatter racial nonsense on my blog, but it occurred to me about a week ago, when I filled out my mail in ballot, that Barack is a black man.

There is an odd feeling of inadequacy conveyed to any person of color who happens to vote for President Obama, because whatever their understanding of him, his politics, track record or his tendency to want to fight for the underdog and down trodden… they vote for Obama because he is black.

In the climate of the previous president it was considered treasonous to question his taking us to war(s), WMDs or his horrible grasp of the English language, but with Obama it is extremely difficult to put a finger on the elements within his administration that have not run into tremendous amounts of feverish rebuking.

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UnElectable GOP

I just finished watching the Sept. 12th GOP debate and I have to say that our political system has reached a new low. If this is the very best that the Republican party has to offer, I can only believe that they are trying to ruin their party. Watching them as they refuse to provide even the most superficial support for our current president, continue to strong arm the political system that they have not actually taken part in since 1947 when they were first elected into office and spout off about their fundamentalist views of how Gov’t has to be fixed… its all quite disappointing.

Listening to the debate again, I am going to share some of the highlights for those who prefer punditry to actual words of the politicians.

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