The automation is coming, do you realize what we are losing?

I tell a story from time to time, typically in an interview room. The story is about how I tripped over automated testing at Broadcom. and how it became a key component of my job to maintain it. This story, paraphrased, has become a mantra of mine, and I advocate automation everywhere. Automation is a tool I use to improve my own throughput, code quality and demonstrate completeness in my personal life as well as professionally.

As a quick overview of my career:

  • at Broadcom I automated testing;
  • at ASTI Labs I worked on a system that would later automate deployment of test servers;
  • at Rhythm I automated testing again as well as build deployment;
  • at Heartwood I automated a full testing framework, that included generation of code that could later be audited manually, knowing that it would undoubtedly never have a humans eye set upon it.
  • at Fractional I work for a DSP, serving huge numbers of advertisements with only the smallest amount of human curation.

Our mobile marketing platform is 100% programmatic using robust machine learning models to make make the majority of campaign optimization decisions.

As the term has become so commonplace in my career, it may be of some interest to you that I am actually incredibly fearful of the effects it will have on our society, let alone the world. Continue reading “The automation is coming, do you realize what we are losing?”

I am a body

I am going to be putting off the next installment of break the science barrier to provide you with something far more interesting. Please take a few moments to give this video a 10 spot of your time and enjoy it as i have.