No, Unification is not an option 

16 years ago, I remember the election being contentious and hurting. I remember feeling disheartened and disappointed. I remember feeling like the world as going to be on fire. That night ended, and a new day came upon us and our leaders started the process of transition and this was the first time I heard it…

It is now time to come together and unify our people.

I remember it being repeated in 2004, my first official election to vote in, and again in 2008, when Democrats took the white house back with Obama. I heard it again in 2012 when Obama won his reelection bid. And again, I hear this lovely refrain echoing around in conversations and memes all over the web.

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Sarah Palin? Are you guys really serious?

Other people are just as worked up as i am bout this woman being so close to the office of presidency. I spoke, recently, to a woman who thought it was her place to explain to me why it was in her interest to have Palin be in office.

“You just don’t get it Bob. There is a glass ceiling that you don’t get to experience. You are a man and men don’t have that problem. I think that Palin is the single most important choice that anyone can possibly make, because it will cause women to be seen in a better light”

While I don’t entirely disagree, with her position about women having a glass ceiling, that is not what needs to be thought of when deciding upon a Vice Presidential candidate. Its more foolish to discuss women’s rights and freedoms than to be worried about the ability to talk to and drink a beer with your president, so in that regard i wish we had another brilliant george bush, (yes uncapitalized. I don’t respect the man any more than I do god, and that is saying a lot.) That said I am a bit confused. Why on earth do people want to be close to their president? The man is SUPPOSED to be using his time to better our nation and the foreign relations and not be…

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Clinton was on Jon’s show again!

The positions shown here are pretty well the same that i have experienced in the world. I just realized that this is the first presidential campaign that i am going to be taking part in during school that was not including a class that features some form of debate or discussion about it. We will see how it goes, i am thinking about moving my blog to wordpress and opening a couple other ideas, but time is the main driving force there.

We will see gentlemen and ladies.