Distance Between Us

It takes distance ‘tween us
to put distance ‘tween us
Like a wound with no puss
or a scab that we don’t trust
Picking you was unconscious

what was it i wanted to gain
i was just ignoring the pain
Maybe this time there will something much more than the same
it will be as i framed
letting go of you and accepting that it is your mind i can’t tame

i have to accept this today
that i will never be able to say
for longer than a day
That i love you unconditionally, because you’ve shown me the way
Lead me here to this day
Opened my eyes up to say
Honey, i know, but its time you got over it, Okay?

I may have dug my own grave
but i did not choose to stave
myself, and yet here i stand, nothing more than just to be brave
Your words i have chosen to engrave
and its my turn to save
Honey, i know, but its time we found our own roads to pave.