John read it and thinks it’s good

the truth be told, I have my dreams.
I remember the roads laid out before me
Things to choose between and around
Who would have known that I would have found
Your heart in my hands, once again
My love, eternal, an intense caring coming from within
You are never going to be alone
I’ll be there to walk you home
To carry you over a puddle
To make sure your words are never mottled
My dear, you are mine, and I yours
I hope that your heart is not still sore
I will do my best to try to mend
Why I am like this I cannot comprehend
But try I must, make sure you are alright
I can’t give up on us again without a fight
Battered & or bruised, I’ll never give in
I’ll give you every part of me until the end
That never occurring, this will never stop
And to make you happy, I’ll be on top
No chore or previous engagement can keep me away
How I feel for you will never fade.