I have stopped believing in perfection
My quest for it has taken too many turns
It is a thing that will only appear in my dreams
I only hope for the strength to stop chasing what does not exist

My life is about as far from perfect as it can get.
I fight with someone, sometime, and never,
No one understands me as I wish to be understood
And god forgive that I make a mistake

My goals are as well, horribly flawed
I live by the dream of get the car, get the girl, live like that for eternity
Doesn’t work. I have the car, haven’t quite found the girl
And eternity is looking far too long to endeavor towards, blindly

If only I had a pillar on which to stand on
Something for stability, and assistance
Something to warn me of on-coming bad times
And something to cherish in the good times as well

I think what I am asking for is someone special
Someone who is willing to support me in my life
And be there to comfort me in my dreams
As I tire of my quest, and eventually collapse into her arms.