Disregard of ones self
Hatred of your own being
A slip of the mind
Can become such a large thing
A window into the soul
Which no one knows the meaning
a doorway so broad
it can allow for anything
the choice falls on the man;
fall or choose to sing

Take a chance
Be with me
All I need is for you to see
The truth will show
All I can be
Open up my life
But not for sure
Things have to be real
How I truly feel
Another on my heel
Someone to bounce with
Love the good
Hate the bad
But embrace them both
Like another day we’ve had
My arms around you
The sun on my back
Nothing on our minds
Takin a chance

Tonight is different from yesteryear
It is cold, distant clouds are rolling in
Rain will surely come
And do what it can to wash away the sin
Ill feel the cool trickle on my face
Renewed, an ear to ear grin;
The clouds were another lie
It was raining down from my eyes
Emotion falling off with my cry
Renewed an ear to ear grin again

Faith 2
Rejoice in my loss of faith
Too much energy lost in the chase
After a just god of virtue, love
Creation, destruction and clearly waste
Confusion will set in
Enough love in one man to kill
His family is lost
His job follows suit
But in the end we are the ones
Who’ve been chosen to aside, be tossed

you are my finest sugar,
the sweetest of salts.
a peach with no pit
an apple without skin
my wish.
my desire.
and everything in between.